An Astrology Session is useful to gain an understanding of our behavioural patterns and why certain situations are playing out in our life.

To arrange a consultation, your date, time and place of birth need to be provided.

24-hour cancellation is required.
Sessions can be audio recorded and sent to you upon request.



Initial consultations

60 minutes in person for €100

60 minutes online on Zoom €90

90 minutes in person for €150

90 minutes online on Zoom €135

Return clients

60 minutes in person €90

60 minutes online on Zoom €80

90 minutes in person €140

90 minutes online on Zoom €135

I believe that Astrology is a spiritual practice. Nobody should be turned down for a lack of fund. If you are on a low income and wish to have an Astrology session,  please ask me for a discounted price or a payment plan.


  • Interpretation of your Birth Chart using the Traditional Hellenistic method. I also incorporate a Psychological/Archetypal approach to my interpretation.
    Your birth chart is the field of karma you are born into. Your birth chart is not a blueprint and it is not you. It could describe traits of your personality but it’s more the plot line of your life and the environment you’re incarnated into.


  • Transit Chart
    A transit chart is a comparison between the sky at the time of your birth vs the sky at a given moment in time. Knowing planetary transits to our natal chart prepares us to life’s events and to the psychological changes we might be going through. Eclipses indicate a change in a particular area of life.


  • Secondary Progressions Chart
    “A day for a year”. It takes the day of birth as signifying the 1 st year of life, the second day as the secondary progressions chart is symbolically seen as the evolution of our natal chart in time.


  • Solar Return chart
    A Solar Return happens just before or after your birthday; the Sun comes back to the point where it was at the time you were born. A solar return chart can be done around your birthday to give you a flavour of the year ahead.


  • Annual Profections

It is an ancient technique that divides the life of the native in chapters ruled by Time Lords. It can help you knowing what themes will be highlighted in your life each year and what planets are guiding this period of time.


  • Synastry Chart
    For those looking at the dynamics of their relationship (s), discussing challenges and behavioural patterns.
    Synastry sessions help 2 or more people understand how each one of them might see the other, the relationship, what feels comfortable or uncomfortable to them, what triggers them in the other person and what traits of personality they could get on with. Synastry can be done for friends, parents and their children, a person and a pet, a person and a country etc.


  • Composite Chart:
    It creates one chart from 2 charts to understand how the relationship between 2 people work. It is the chart of the relationship.



I use the Tarot upon request to support a client’s question or to complement the Astrology reading or Energy Healing session.

Reiki and IET



Sessions available in Dublin in person (or online) and worldwide online through Zoom.
To book a session, please email or contact me at 00353 87 746 7555.


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