”I have always been intrigued by Astrology but didn’t really know a lot about it –apart from my sun sign. What I found most interesting is when you tell Mariana your birth details, she then meets you with everything charted out and explains it all in detail- there is no guessing as you go. My natal reading was extremely accurate and explained a lot about myself and who I am. She explained so much about my creativity, my compassion and humanitarian side and she could tell me that I had a business idea inside of me but I wasn’t doing anything to make it happen (I am currently working more on this idea). Mariana is very engaging, warm and kind and I would highly recommend her for your Astrology readings- I look forward to continuing her with her in the new year.”

From Lisa, Dublin, Ireland


“Mariana is an excellent astrologer and I would highly recommend her. She has taken me on a journey of self-discovery and I have uncovered so many aspects of my personality and life purpose.
She is extremely intuitive and knowledgeable and every session with her has been memorable. If you are interested in Astrology, I would recommend contacting Mariana.”

From Sheila, Dublin, Ireland


”My experience with Mariana and Astrology reading were very special. She is really passionate and intuitive about it. I’ve already recommended her to some friends and all of them had been very pleased and happily surprised of how accurate it was. I’m looking forward to my next visit soon.”

From Ester, Dublin, Ireland


“Mariana is a great professional! I enquired her via e-mail about Locational Astrology and she promptly explained to me what it was and we set up a reading in a few days. I definitely got much more than that. She gave me great insight on aspects of my natal chart and personality and I discovered places in the world that would truly warm my heart. It was fascinating. She is witty and I could easily spend hours discussing astrology with her. Great person and extremely competent astrologer! Highly recommend!”

From Virginia, Dublin, Ireland


“I consulted with Mariana very recently and I was so pleased.I wanted to know about my transits for this year and next and what best to focus on at this point in time as a lot has been going on in the the past few years for me. The session was special to me because I took it a bit like a coaching session, Mariana is wonderful and a great professional astrologer, if you want advice she will give you. I highly recommend Mariana.”

From Olivia, Dublin, Ireland


“Great experience altogether! I got my Birth Chart done for the first time and got so much out of it. I have very little knowledge of Astrology and Mariana gave very detailed explanations.  Her interpretation of the chart showed a very open, grounded and creative approach in a way that made me feel engaged and curious about the process from the start. Her enthusiasm in astrology and  er interest in how this influenced me as an individual were inspiring. Her reading gave me great insights and lots of food for thought about who I am and I had so much synergy after the session. I  highly recommend it.

From Maria, Dublin


“Mariana is nothing short of brilliant! She was very insightful and explains everything in great detail. Being a complete novice to all things Astrology, I had a lot of questions and Marianna patiently went through them all. I was very curious to get a birth chart done and I got a lot more out of it than I expected. If you’re interested in Astrology definitely contact Marianna and I highly recommend getting a natal chart done.”

From Agnel, Dublin


ART: from the Museum of Archaeology, Naples, Italy.